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Our team of programmers work with PLC platforms (Programmable Logic Controller) or some of the most important controllers in the market: Siemens, Allan Brandley - Rockwell, Schneider, Omrom, GE, Mitsubishi, ABB, ... in order to give efficient and practical solution  to our clients.

PLC equipment are not isolated but must constantly interact with other systems and machines. Our work includes their integration with robots, artificial vision equipment, servo motors and drivers...

Through communication networks : Profibus , profinet , profinet wireless, ethernet IP , BACnet , DeviceNet , Control Net , Can Open, AS -i , Modubs RS 232 - RS 485 we establish bidirectional  dialogue with superior data management systems , System Plataform Wonderware , Siemens WinCC , GE Ifix . SCADA type systems.

A vital section of the communication ´man - machine´ is done through touch screens and HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) installed in switchboards or control panels. The development of the screens in a practical and simple manner for the operator is critical for project success.


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