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SCADA & MES Solutions


We are specialists in programming (SCADA systems), and we have successfully completed multiple projects with leading market software platforms such as: Wonderware , WinCC , Ifix .

Through communication networks in today's market protocols : Profibus , profinet , profinet wireless , ethernet IP , BACnet , DeviceNet , Control Net , Can Open, AS -i , Modubs RS 232 - RS 485 we are able to stablish a PLC bidirectional dialogue with superior data management systems : System Plataform Wonderware , Siemens WinCC , GE Ifix  and field elements .

The programming department at Cefalux implements MES solutions, Manufacturing Execution Systems, and achieve integrated solutions for all information associated to a production process based on Wonderware software management.

Those responsible of the production processes have a fundamental and practical tool, with real- time and continuous traceability of processes, providing them with the capability of production time and costs reduction, allowing them to analyze the inefficiencies of the system.

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